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Welcome to Mile High Bordoodles located on forty beautiful acres in Northern Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains. We are a small hobby breeder of Bordoodle's which are a mix of Border Collie and Standard Poodle. We will be offering one line of Bordoodle puppies. Our F2b next generation bordoodles are sixty percent standard poodle and forty percent border collie, they will be bred from Charley and Sammy, Charley and Stevie, and Charley and Holly. All puppies come from AKC poodle and border collie lines with good to excellent OFA certifications as well as health histories and testing. Mile High Bordoodles offers a two year health gurantee on all puppies based on a feeding and vaccination schedule we recommend, which is a holistic grain free diet and only necessary vaccinations. All puppies come wormed, have their first vaccinations, haved been wormed, and come to you with a blanket smelling of their litter. Puppies will go home at eight weeks old. Shipping is an additional $425.00 - $550.00 if required and based on current airline pricing. Mile High Bordoodles was created based on my previous breeding of Mile High Bullmastiffs which I bred for many years, and enjoyed tremondously. I grew up with poodles and love a non shedding pet but wanted to offer an awesome family oriented non shedding pet. I love breeding it is a passion of mine that I do for the joy of doing so, as well as offering the healthiest babies to my pet families with a lifetime of support. All our dogs are our pets and live in our home with me, my husband, and our four children. All puppies and our dogs are loved, played with and come to you well socialized, happy and healthy. 

All basic beginning recognition of the outside world is started with our babies. I don't create loud noises just to watch them jump. I do everyday activities with them and they learn to understand and get used to these things without being momentarily terrorized. There are many breeders that will undergo initiation into these newly introduced training techniques but I don't agree with them. The Volhard test while a useful tool for getting a basic idea of a pups potential intelligence is not a good indicator of personality and intelligence combined. One of the reasons I am a breeder is because I am very in tune with dogs, always have been, I can read their personality and intelligence very quickly upon meeting them. With this I am able to watch our babies grow and see where they will likely be as a full grown adult. I have been very successful based on puppy family feed back and them being exactly as I predicted. This is a gift that I adore and one I love being able to share with our amazing pups, dogs, and new Mile High Bordoodle families.

Mile High F2b Bordoodle pups are raised with constant love, attention and interaction. It is our belief that the best pets are raised from the start with love and attention by their breeder. Our Dam's are allowed to see the babies the entire time they are here in order to make her seperation from her litter the easiest and most natural transition. 

All Mile High F2b Bordoodle puppies learn the misty method. So they come home to you already with potty training in place, making for an easy transition.

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