Every once in a while Mile High Bordoodles will have adult dogs from our breeding program available for adoption. All breeding dogs in our program are our pets, have been raised in our home with us. They are fully trained and will be placed in forever homes for a small adoption fee of $500. Our requirement for their new home is pretty strict. They will be placed with families they are ideal for, this will be their forever home and screening will proceed as such. It is a very hard process on our family to let them go and we ask that you please respect this and understand our emotions will be high seeing them leave. This placement is for the benefit of the dog, we feel it is selfish of us to keep them for our own happiness when they can have the oppurtunity to go into a home that will give them more one on one time, take them out for fun and just give them a ton of quality time and love for the rest of their days. As a breeder with multiple dogs our time has to be divided and we know rehoming the retired breeders gives them a chance to be well spoiled in their forever home. Please see below for available adults, the description of the adult and please email or call me if interested in proceeding with an adoption. Visitation of the dog is a must up here in Livermore before an adoption can take place, to see how they do with the prospective family