Bordoodle Breed Information

Bordoodle's come in numbered generations. At this time most Bordoodle breeders produce F1 and F1b Bordoodles, Mile High Bordoodles is the only breeder producing only F2b next generation Bordoodles, and is home to the first F2b next generation litter born on April 25th, 2018. All of our breeders are Bordoodles and Bordoodle's are by far the favorite pick out of all the Doodle breeds due to being  a much calmer and less hyper Doodle that comes from the two smartest dog breeds in the world. Next generation F2b Bordoodles offer the best mix of by far of all the Bordoodle combinations. We have had F1, F1b, and now only have F2b puppies. F2b puppies have a superior coat, all pups have silky coats not rough coats, they also offer the only other potential hypoallergenic coat like the F1b but without being a tight poodle curl coat, the F1 Bordoodle does not come close to the coat of the F2b in texture and shedding. We have also found the F2b advances much more swiftly than the F1b and F1 litters. Their intelligence and advancement astounded us with our first litter, the feedback from families, from trainers, and vets have been incredible. Everyone has been very impressed by them. F1 Bordoodles are very similiar to F2b in intelligence the difference of the two, to us, is that the F2b, with a little more Poodle, offers a better rounded personality coming from the Poodle's genuine sensitivity and love for people. 

Generations are as follows:

F1 Bordoodle - Half poodle and half border collie 50/50, offering low shedding coats. Pups from full poodle and full border collie Dam and Sire. It is rare to have a non-shed F1 Bordoodle, they still usually shed some. 

F1b Bordoodle - Three quarter poodle and one quarter border collie 75/25, offering non shedding coats. Recommended for allergy sufferers. Full poodle and an F1 bordoodle Dam and Sire. 

F2b Bordoodle - Sixty percent poodle and forty percent border collie 60/40, next generation pups, offering very low to non shedding coats. Recommended for allergy sufferers. Pups from Bordoodle F1 and F1b Dam and Sire. 

F3b and F4b Bordoodle - Standard 60/40 like F2b, just locking in the breed standard with the ideal combination. Pups will be bred bordoodle to bordoodle. Pups from Bordoodle F2b Dam and Sire and then from F3b Dam and Sire to create F4b babies, and so on...

Raz F2b Bordoodle

Coat Descriptions: 

Curly silky coat Bordoodle puppy- long spiral locks anticipated. Non shed coat and more doodley appearance. Like our girl Stevie, and past puppies Raz, Bunker, and Wilson.

Wavy silky coat Bordoodle puppy- long wavy locks anticipated. Non shed coat and more doodley appearance. Possible long wavy locks, non to low shed slower growing hair, and more Border Collie appearance. Like our girl Holly for more doodle look to some past pups that are more Border Collie looking like Wheeler, Ellie, Archer, Archie, and Bo.

Wavy or Straight super silky coat Bordoodle puppy- slower growing long straight hair with some wave possible, anticipated. Non shed. Expect more mixed look like our girl Sammy to more doodle look.