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Charley Dam
Charley Sire

Mile High's Pride of Kawliga "Charley" , Charley is such a sweet and awesome boy, he is an F1b Bordoodle, 75% Poodle and 25% Border Collie. Charley is parti colored, apricot and white, he is our only stud and is the Sire of all our F2b Bordoodle's which are 60 percent Poodle and 40 percent Border Collie. The perfect combination and the ultimate goal of Bordoodle's from F2b the next generation and all generations thereafter. You can't get any better of a combination and are capable of offering hypoallergenic puppies!!!! Charley is a teddy bear, and has such soft silky waves of hair. He does not shed and his hair grows slow compared to a Poodle coat. Minimal grooming and hypoallergenic, couldn't ask for anything better. We adore Charley he is so sweet with a very calm dispostition. Charley has some Border Collie athletisism which he adorably grew into and he is very outgoing. He is such a perfect combination and the best family pet. Charley is 23" at the shoulder and approx. 57 pounds. 

Mile High's Pride of Kawliga "Charley"

F1b Bordoodle puppy