Mile High's Once in a Lifetime "Sammy"

Sammy is our Bordoodle female breeder with perfect structure, features, and coat. She is an F1 Bordoodle half Standard Poodle and half Border Collie. Sammy's Dam and Sire are pictured here. Sammy is low shed, she is extremely smart, loyal, sweet and was fully trained by three months old. She is 48 lbs and 22" at the shoulder. This combination offers amazing agility and intelligence while calming the dialed in directness of the Border Collie. Leaving the option of training as a herd dog, as the instinct is there, or keeping a family pet that doesn't focus on those instincts. Her understanding of my simply speaking a word and her knowing what I am saying and following the order astounds me, and knowing it without direct training in each command. She is not high strung and will make even tempered babies with Charley that carry awesome conformation. Sammy will have red, black, red and white, apricot, apricot and white, and black and white babies.

Bordoodle F1
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Sammy the Bordoodle
F1 Bordoodle