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Why is my Dog Sick?

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"Why is my Dog Sick?", is a guide book about how to cure many ailments that your pet (all sorts) might be experiencing. I wrote this book to send home with my puppy families back when I first started breeding Bullmastiffs. I had purchased my first Bullmastiff female from a breeder and ended up with a very sick girl her whole life. Chassy was an awesome girl but had a deficient immune system and always had skin issue's and hair loss issues. I got my next three Bullmastiffs that were my breeders very carefully. I never bred Chassy, she was my first pet on my own. Chassy began my journey into offering a puppy that was hearty and healthy, from the best raised breeders possible. With the best feeding and vaccination schedule for their safety and health. Many years of work went into learning all I know on dog health and all this is offered for sale by me personally, or the book is also available by and Why is my Dog Sick will give you tools to change your dogs life, Chassy could only have a primarily raw diet, but each dog or pet is different. I will post testimonials and pictures as I get them. I am here via email to help you help your pet and just ask that you send photo's as they heal. It takes 3 to 6 months. I used to have some on my old site but lost them when it ended. This book also helps you get ready for puppy, what you need and how to best start them off, food, bathing, nail clipping, glands, vaccinations, ear care, supplements, treatments for common issues that you won't have to run to the vet for. Important information for any pet owner old or new. This twenty dollars will save you hundreds!!!!