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F2b Bordoodle Puppy
F2b Bordoodle Puppy
F3 Bordoodle Puppy
F2b Bordoodle Puppy
F2b Bordoodle Puppy


Mile High Bordoodles

´╗┐The only Bordoodle Breeder, of only F2b Next Generation Miniature Bordoodle Puppies and F3 Multiple Generation Miniature Bordoodle Puppies. We have recently relocated and are now in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Missouri!!! Our puppies are the perfect combination of Poodle and Border Collie, the worlds two smartest dog breeds.

F2b Bordoodle Puppy
F2b Bordoodle Puppy

Mile High Bordoodles strives to offer the very best Bordoodle puppies we can. We breed for the love of this amazing breed, and it is our goal to further and improve the breed. It is also our goal to make sure our families take home only the best and healthiest babies with one of our sweet, loving and adorable puppies.

We have had the pleasure of experiencing each generation of Bordoodle with raising our breeders from puppy to adult. As well as experiencing raising our very own Poodle's and Border Collie's. Every one of them have had something special and unique to offer and we have loved every moment with each. With this experience has come the ability to look at each purebred and Bordoodle line to see the differences they have had from each other.


Until 2019 we had not had the pleasure of having an F2b Bordoodle with us longer than about eight to nine weeks old. Then one of Sammy and Charley's pups was still available, and the last of the litter left, so we brought her to be with us full time as we would never leave a puppy alone. Gemma, which at that time we called her Dolly, was with us until she was just over eleven weeks old. This two week period with our Dolly has forever changed my expectations and outlook on how a puppy should be, as well been a very hard decision to even let her go at all to another home and instead keep her for ourselves...  

The Border Collie amazed me with such a quick witted sharp intelligence, the ability to read your body language and know your thoughts, and having very little if any training requirements.

The Poodle, which I have been around my whole life, toy to standard size, amazed me with the ability to sense emotion and show love, sympathy, and having such an easy training ability.

The standard F1 Bordoodle amazed me with how very smart they are, having a loving nature much more than the Border Collie, but definitely far less sensitivity than the Poodle, and the joy of having a low to very low shed coat.

The F1b Bordoodle amazed me with the same loving personality as the Poodle, a silky loose curled hypoallergenic non shed coat, has more ability to be athletic like a Border Collie, but otherwise not too different than the Poodle in temperament.

Then the day came that we had our precious Dolly, oh my I never thought I would be once again blown away by another puppy thinking we had certainly had the best already, but I was wrong. Within our two weeks with her she was fully trained, she was beyond smart and she was so affectionate which I miss terribly with my F1 Bordoodles, as they just aren't cuddly and loving often or all the time. Dolly gave us the best of everything, a silky plush non shedding coat, a happy go lucky attitude, loving and cuddly hang out on the couch disposition and the chance to experience one of our very own F2b Bordoodle puppies firsthand, finally.  Now I know exactly what all our families mean when they say how awesome these puppies are and how much they love them and everyone around them loves them. If you hadn't experienced many dog breeds you would know no different, but coming from a background of dogs being a huge part of my life (Breeding, Rescuing, Fostering, Shelter Volunteer), I have met so many that the difference is obvious. Every dog is special and I can't even express how every animal is dear and worthwhile, I love them all and find joy in each one. But having Bordoodles has been such a joy for us and me, a passion and love that is very dear to my heart, and having an F2b Bordoodle has truly brought the deep connection between human and canine full circle. I know our Bordoodle families feel there is no other breed they can have after an F2b and up and coming F3 Bordoodles and now I can honestly say I couldn't agree more. So much so that we have now kept our own F2b puppies for our future breeding program.