Bordoodle Puppies for Sale

                                  We are Licensed: Missouri Dept. of Agriculture License #AC003BAW

Welcome to Mile High Bordoodles we haved moved from Colorado and are now located on a thirty acre homestead in the amazingly beautiful Ozark Mountains in South Central Missouri. We are a small hobby breeder of Bordoodle's which are a mix of Border Collie and Standard/Miniature Poodle's. We are licensed through the state of Missouri, which includes yearly inspections as well as yearly Veterinarian inspections. This helps us to let our families know we are not a puppy mill and lets our families know all our pets are well taken care of.

We will be offering two lines of Bordoodle puppies at this time. Our F2b next generation and our F3 multi generation Bordoodles, which are sixty two and a half  to sixty seven and a half percent miniature/standard Poodle and thirty two and a half to thirty seven and a half percent Border Collie, they will be bred from Mickey and Stevie, Mickey and Holly, Mickey and Minnie, Mickey and Billie, and Mickey and Henley.

When choosing which generation of Bordoodle to go with we can promise you that you will want our F2b or F3 Bordoodle over the first generation Bordoodle's F1 or F1b. Typically they are the same price and sometimes for less. There is a huge difference in puppy quality and temperament and the F2b and F3 are far superior to either of the original Bordoodle lines. All dogs are great but why not have the best when you are spending so much for your next puppy. Mile High Bordoodles is one of the original breeders when Bordoodles came into existence and we offer a lifetime of being there for you and our puppies. They are raised with a very expensive and superior farm raised raw diet and our pups amaze vets with how healthy they are. 

All puppies come from AKC Poodle's and Border Collie lines with good to excellent OFA certifications as well as 100% normal (clear) health histories and testing. Our health testing includes twelve potential genetic issues that can come from the Border Collie or Poodle. (Certificates available upon request we don't post them so they are copied from other breeders.) Testing includes the following:

1. Collie Eye Anomaly

2. Degenerative Myelopathy

3. GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type)

4. Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption (BC Type)

5. Multidrug Resistance 1

6. Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures

7. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 5

8. Osteochondrodysplasia

9. Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration

10. Sensory Neuropathy (BC Type)

11. Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome

12. Von Willebrand Disease I

We do not breed any dogs that have tests other than all clear, with absolutely no possibility of genetic issues. Please keep in mind you may pay a little more to start but you will save a lot more throughout your dogs life by adopting from a breeder that breeds for health and temperament first. In addition to making sure you will not have these devastating and expensive medical issues with your new puppy Mile High Bordoodles offers a two year health guarantee on all puppies based on a feeding and vaccination schedule we recommend, which is a raw or holistic grain free diet and only necessary vaccinations. This is to ensure you have a healthy puppy and an easy inexpensive new companion. Health guarantees are for genetic issue's which will generally come up early in life. Mixed breed dogs are inherently free of genetic diseases. 

All puppies are wormed at three weeks and five weeks and seven weeks, have their first vaccinations at seven weeks, and go home with chewie's, a toy, blanket smelling of their litter, and more.

Puppies will go home at eight weeks old. Shipping is an additional $550.00 - $600.00 if required and available based on current airline pricing. Shipping is offered to destinations with only non stop flights. Families are asked to fly into the Springfield Airport in Missouri to pick up puppy and fly them home in the cabin with them. It's generally comparable to shipping prices to do so or cheaper and avoids possible mishandling from airlines. You are also welcome to drive out to pick up your puppy. Or we also have ground transport options. 

Mile High Bordoodles was created based on my previous breeding of Mile High Bullmastiffs which I bred for many years, and enjoyed tremendously. I  bred Bullmastiffs for the love of the breed and because my first dog Chassy, which was a Bullmastiff, was very sick her whole life. I got her from a breeder and back then I had no clue about what I should be looking out for when picking a puppy. (Now I know most importantly, when looking for a breeder, is finding one that will talk to you for hours about the breed. As well as a breeder that responds promptly, and one you don't have to try to get a hold of more than once. Also for me a breeder that is breeding as a family, only breeds one breed of dog, a breeder that has all the breeding animals all the time, and has their breeders living with them as much as possible as their pets.) I never bred my girl Chassy but I learned so much about pet health while having her that as a stay at home mom I decided to get two more Bullmastiffs and breed them myself. I was and am still to this day in disbelief at what others will do to make money and felt a great need to offer healthy puppies to families. My time breeding Bullmastiffs came to an end only as my breeders got older and sadly passed away. 

I grew up with Poodles and love a non shedding pet, so I wanted to offer an awesome family oriented non shedding pet without the tight curly coat of the Poodle. I had considered mixing the Bullmastiff with the Poodle but felt it would take away from that beloved thick muzzle so decided against it. I did meet a Border Collie during this time and I was blown away at the intelligence of him. I knew then that I would love to breed Border Collies and Poodles but it was only a seed in my mind the mix hadn't even been done back then. So after my Bullmastiffs and a few years with no puppies I could stand it no longer. I love breeding, it is a passion of mine that I do for the joy of doing so, as well as offering the healthiest babies to my pet families with a lifetime of support, so I had to begin this journey of breeding Bordoodles. So in 2015 I began and I am now in love with the combination and so impressed with these guys I haven't looked back.  

All our dogs are our pets and live in our home with us. Our litters are had in our home in a designated "dog room", our sunroom which is heated and cooled and open to the rest of the house. It has a whelping section and a general population section with a doggie door to their huge porch and yard. Our puppies are monitored by video at all times. I am at home with our dogs and puppies always and do not work outside the home, they are my life. For the first two weeks I don't leave them at all and monitor them 24/7, I hand feed and water our Dams while they nurse their babies the first week so she only has to leave to go potty. 

All our breeders are our dogs that we raise with love, care, and the comfort of a connection with us when giving birth. I am with our girls the whole time during delivery and then I let Dam and puppies bond and limit my interference with them. I do not leave home for two to three after birth for anything and then max three hours away to go to the grocery store. My job is to take care of mom, and she takes care of the puppies. So while I am there always and always making sure everything is going as it should, I respect her wishes by letting her have the time with her babies as she sees fit.  All my girls are bonded to me tremendously, so I can do whatever I need with her and the puppies, but even so the Dam is still very concerned when you take a puppy away. She will get up to see what your doing or watch diligently while you hold them. This is their natural instinct that lasts at least two weeks and more commonly three weeks. I respect how she feels and want to make her as comfortable as possible, so while I do have to handle and take pups here or there, I do so with mom outside for a potty break and keep the interactions short. Every puppy is touched, checked, loved, kissed and cuddled everyday, (because how can we resist a darling little puppy) but just with mom in mind. There aren't any theories on what happens to a Dam and puppy with certain actions, but I just feel that if mom is in any way stressed or nervous she can potentially transfer these feeling to her puppies via energy or via milk, so why take those chances? Plus when she pulls away she is usually pulling away from puppies she is currently nursing.

We currently have six dogs that are our breeders, one stud and five dams, and that is all. This is for the joy of the breed and being around our breeders and their babies, this is not about how many puppies we can have. We do not agree with having such large quantities of breeders that you have to place them outside of the home or in a facility. Such an integral part of who the Dam and Sire is comes into play when having puppies. I know my breeders like the back of my hand, can predict their mood, if they don't like something, or when they are uncomfortable. This, along with loving having puppies, are the main reasons for me to breed at all. I no longer wanted to get puppies from breeders that really just looked at this like a business. So I felt the best way to accomplish this was to breed on my own. All puppies and our dogs are loved, played with and come to you well socialized, happy and healthy. This interaction goes a long way and is noticed by our new Bordoodle puppy families, our pups have such big hearts, and we have such big hearts for them...

All basic beginning recognition of the outside world is started with our babies. They are used to loud noises based on everyday life. Loud music, blow dryer, trash bags, sweeping, doors, cars, dogs barking, etc... As well as being around the big dogs, when we can, and all our dogs absolutely love the babies. One of the reasons I am a breeder is because I am an animal empath. I have a special connection with animals and several friends and family call me the dog whisperer. This connection brings a deep love, care, and joy for all animals, and makes breeding a passion for me not a job.  I am also an intuitive empath healer, and reiki master.  I can read an animals personality as well as their intelligence very quickly upon meeting them, and I know what they are saying or want. Our dogs and all our puppies know and sense this and it brings them a calmness and comfort not common in puppies. Our puppy families are amazed at how calm our litters and puppies are when they meet them. Being calm lets their little minds think and grow and brings a great intelligence as they age, such a wonderful combination. As I watch our puppies grow I can see who they will likely be as a full grown adult. I have been very successful based on puppy family feed back and them being exactly as I predicted. This is a gift that I adore and one I love being able to share with our amazing pups, dogs, and new Mile High Bordoodle families. 

Mile High Bordoodle pups are raised with constant love, attention and interaction. It is our belief that the best pets are raised from the start with love and attention by their breeder, as well as the family which includes our kids, making the best puppies for kids that we can.  Our Dam's are allowed to see the babies the entire time they are here in order to make her separation from her litter the easiest and most natural transition for Dam and puppies.

All Mile High Bordoodle puppies learn the misty method. So they come home to you with a great start to potty training already in place, making for an easy transition to going outside when they go home. They have been bathed several times by the time they go home, have had glands expressed, ears wiped out, and have had their nails clipped, this is with each bath. They learn towel drying is the best part of the bath  and get lots of love, joy and excitement at doing a good job. Teaching them that there is a reward with an experience they may not like or may be scared of. Most of our Bordoodle puppies love the water! 

We honestly couldn't love them any more than we do and feel honored to be the ones to start your new puppy off the right way...