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Mile High Bordoodles

Mile High's Pride of Kawliga "Charley"  

Bordoodle puppy Sire

Mile High's Pride of Kawliga "Charley" , Charley is such a sweet and awesome boy, he is an F1b Bordoodle, 75% Poodle and 25% Border Collie. Charley is parti colored, apricot and white, he is the Sire of all our F2b Bordoodle's which are 60 percent Poodle and 40 percent Border Collie. Charley came to us from a wonderful breeder. He brings in the right mix and great bloodlines to make our wonderful F2b Bordoodles. Charley is a teddy bear and has never met someone he didn't' like, he is very docile and submissive, such a good boy. Charley has such soft silky loose curls of hair. He does not shed and his hair grows slow compared to a Poodle coat. Minimal grooming and hypoallergenic, couldn't ask for anything better. We adore Charley he is so sweet and has a very calm disposition, which is very important to us, as we feel hyperactive dogs make hyperactive puppies. Charley has some Border Collie athleticism which he adorably grew into and he is very outgoing. He is such a perfect combination and the best family pet. Charley is 23" at the shoulder and approx. 57 pounds.   

Mile High's Stand By Me "Mickey"  

Mile High's Stand By Me "Mickey" 

Welcome Mickey to Mile High's breeding program. He is our new stud that will help us achieve our much anticipated F3 Multi-Gene Mini Bordoodles.  Mickey is currently thirty eight pounds and 19" at the shoulder. He is an F1b Blue Merle Bordoodle from AKC Poodle's and Border Collie's. Our Mickey has such an awesome personality and disposition. We are regularly entertained by him, from his noodley ways when we hold him to his hilarious head in a container moments. We have never had one of our pups play astronaut. Mickey is super sweet, smart and very athletic, he has a silky wavy non shed hypoallergenic coat. One of our favorite coats. He offers great bloodlines, health, and so many color possibilities. Blue Merle, Red Merle, Black and White, Red and White, Apricot and White, Blacks, Reds, and Apricots. We can't wait for all the future Mickey babies!!!! 

Mile High's Once in a Lifetime "Sammy"  

Bordoodle puppy Dam

Mile High's Once in a Lifetime "Sammy". Sammy is our F1 Bordoodle female breeder with perfect structure, features, and coat. She is half Standard Poodle and half Border Collie. Sammy came to us from a wonderful breeder. She is low shed, extremely smart, loyal, sweet and was fully trained by three months old. She is 48 lbs and 22" at the shoulder. This combination offers amazing agility and intelligence while calming the dialed in directness of the Border Collie. Leaving the option of training as a herd dog, as the instinct is there, or keeping a family pet that doesn't focus on those instincts. Her understanding of my simply speaking a word and her knowing what I am saying and following the order astounds me, and knowing it without direct training in each command. She is not high strung and will make even tempered babies with Charley that carry awesome conformation. Sammy will have red, black, red and white, and black and white babies.

Mile High's Listen to the Wind Blow "Stevie"   

Bordoodle puppy Dam

Mile High's Listen to the Wind Blow "Stevie" Stevie is an F1 Bordoodle girl 50% Poodle and 50% Border Collie, very very low shed, she is 19" and 38lbs. She is bred with Charley to make F2b Bordoodle puppies 60% Poodle and 40% Border Collie. Stevie came to us from a wonderful breeder. She is so outgoing and sweet, she is a lap puppy and she is very loving. Stevie has superior Border Collie athleticism, frisbee and ball catcher, she can jump 4 plus foot walls up and down with ease. She has such a great disposition, listens on command, she just knows what you want and gets it. She is a superb Dam and delivers with ease and no assistance. Stevie has wonderful puppies that have great potential for superb athleticism. Stevie is half sister to Holly. Colors will be black and white, red and white, black, red, and blue merle. (With potential of apricot and white, and red merle)   

Mile High's That'll Be the Day "Holly"  

Bordoodle puppy Dam

Mile High's That'll Be the Day "Holly"  Holly is an F1 Bordoodle 50% Poodle and 50% Border Collie, low shed, and what we consider a soft curly coat. She is 19" and 42lbs. Holly came to us from a wonderful breeder. She will have F2b Standard Bordoodle puppies and F3 mini Bordoodle puppies. With weights ranging from 25-55 lbs. Holly is our little cherub, the sweetest dog ever, and she listens instantly. She has Border Collie working traits, likes to herd and she is so darling and cute. Such a sweetheart and makes gorgeous puppies. Holly is a very stocky F1 Bordoodle and her puppy's can be stockier as well. This stockiness is rare and only with Holly babies. Colors expected black and white, and black for standard Bordoodle puppies and black and white, black, and blue merle for mini Bordoodle puppies. Holly is half sister to Stevie.  

Mile High's Loving You "Minnie"  

Mile High's Loving You "Minnie"  Minnie is an F2b Bordoodle she is non shed, hypoallergenic, and what we consider a silky curly coat. She is 17" and 26lbs. Minnie is a Stevie and Charley baby and was born and raised here at Mile High her whole life. She will be bred with Mickey and they will have F3 Multi-Gene Mini Bordoodle Puppies.  Colors anticipated are blue merle, red and white, black and white, red, and black (with the possibility of apricot and white, apricot, and red merle). With weights ranging from 25-45 lbs. Minnie is the sweetest, smartest, most loyal little lady. We adore her. She loves all the puppies, gets along with all the dogs and is one phenomenal athlete. She does the Border Collie twist to catch the ball, fly's forward legs first to catch, will do a back flip on occasion and easily and smoothly jumps three feet high as well as scales 4 foot walls with ease and jumps down 6 foot walls with no problems. We are very proud of our babies here and look forward to offering these perfect genetics in our new puppies to our new Bordoodle families.   

Mile High's Uptown Girl "Billie"  

Mile High's Uptown Girl "Billie"  Billie is an F2b Bordoodle, she is non shed, hypoallergenic and what we consider a silky curly coat. She is anticipated to be 21" and 45lbs. She is born and raised here at Mile High and is a Stevie and Charley baby, and full sister to Minnie. Billie wil be bred with Mickey and they will have F3 Multi-Gene Bordoodle puppies. Colors expected are blue merle, black and white, red and white, black, red (with the possibility of apricot and white, apricot, and red merle).  Billie is a huge delight to us, such a super sweet, sensitive, extremely loyal little lady. She loves to cuddle up and get attention, and she looks like a child that put on a puppy costume. The expressions on her face are priceless and say so much. She smiles on command and when she thinks she's been bad. It's so endearing. Billie is more laid back and has a stockier build, she is a lot like our Holly, her Aunt.