Bordoodle Puppies for Sale

Bordoodle Puppy Adoption Information

All F2b and F3 miniature Bordoodle puppies at Mile High Bordoodles are $3500.00 for non-breeding pet puppies. Puppies are all non shed. Puppy picks are between three and five weeks old. The less depositors then the sooner the puppy picks. Puppy pricing that differs from the standard pricing will be listed on the puppy information for that puppy. If a dam has a litter of four puppies or less,  then puppy pricing is subject to change based on costs at that time.

There is an additional fee per mile of ground transport if required. Ground transport is available for all 48 states, Alaska, and to the Canadian border by our very dedicated and passionate driver Katie. There is also possible flight nanny services that can be quoted if desired as well. We no longer send puppies via air cargo due to cancellations and potential delays, along with the poor care provided from the airlines. Otherwise we do ask for pick up in person if at all possible and we meet at the airport in Springfield Missouri.  We also make trips to Colorado personally and can work with you for a time when that can happen. Please get in touch for pricing.

Puppies are microchipped, health checked, vaccinated and wormed, trained in the Misty Method potty training, given lots of early stimulation, and come with a two year health guarantee against genetic diseases and hip dysplasia.

All Bordoodle puppies come with a toy, bone, and blanket smelling of their litter in their puppy goodie bag. Deposits for puppies are $300.00 which secures your placement on the list once the deposit is made after your application is approved.

Puppies that Mile High Bordoodles have are mini/medium size so will range from 25  to 50 lbs. (with smaller and larger exceptions), and nineteen to twenty three inches at the shoulder. Puppy picks will be made by five-six weeks of age in the order of depositors on the list.   

If the litter is not all spoken for after puppy picks those puppies will be listed as available on our website for adoption. If you are on another females list and would like to get an available puppy listed on our site you are free to do so. Bordoodle puppy picks are required when asked, based on a pre-scheduled time and date, sent out via email, or we have to move on to the next family on the list. If a family decides to wait for another litter when offered a puppy they can switch to any available spots shown on the website for a different female. Our website is kept very up to date as changes occur. Final contract and payment information will be discussed on pick day for each family. 

I receive clear information of the puppies temperaments starting around three weeks old. I will help you pick the best puppy for your home, unless there is a clear color choice winner of your affection. Go to the Available Puppies page for deposit information and deposit lists for up and coming litters.

Contracts will take place on pick up unless puppy is shipped. If shipping your puppy then the remaining purchase amount and any shipping costs are due at that time.

We will be posting videos on YouTube under Mile High Bordoodles, and pictures and personality descriptions on our website until that time. I will email those on the list after delivery to let you know picks are up and coming and to make sure you are still wanting a puppy from the litter. We give forty-eight hours to respond, if we don't hear back we will move you to a waiting position and you can let us know when you are ready to get on another list. We will also send out an email with pick day schedule and information around two weeks prior to pick day.

On pick day I will call you, from the number provided on the application, and we will need a response within your pick time frame. If we are unable to reach you then you will be skipped and we will move to the next pick on the list. Making arrangements for pick decisions prior to pick day is possible as well if you unable to be available for the day and time slotted for you. Many times we have picks done via email before pick day. PayPal payments will incur a 4% fee at the time of full puppy purchase price, including deposit, if you choose to pay with credit. 

Bordoodle Puppy Adoption Information | Adopt a Bordoodle Puppy
Bordoodle Puppy Adoption Information | Adopt a Bordoodle Puppy
Bordoodle Puppy Adoption Information | Adopt a Bordoodle Puppy
Bordoodle Puppy Adoption Information | Adopt a Bordoodle Puppy


Mile High Bordoodles offers a two year health guarantee. Our guarantee covers any genetically related issue's that may come up although our testing ensures we are sound with regards to genetic illnesses. 

Many breeders no longer offer health guarantees because they have done the testing and life happens so many issue's can come from environmental factors, not genetic factors. Plus families don't want to surrender their older dog or even their little eleven week old puppy. 

Mile High Bordoodles will always take a puppy back but we work with our families for resolutions if there is a health issue. 

There is always a chance with nature that some such issue can occur that hasn't been tested for and in such an instance Mile High Bordoodles refunds the purchase price of the puppy without asking you to surrender your puppy. Not half, or a portion of the money, but all of your money. If our puppy has a birth defect or genetic issue in those two we feel blessed our families still want to keep and love our puppy and happily help out as much as we can. 

Health guarantees also require documentation and standards that you have to keep up with during that time and realistically who is going to do so for more than two years? Many of our families don't do so at all so most contracts become void due to it. 

So please don't base your new puppy decision on extended health guarantees that are designed due to wording make you feel better but would be impossible to collect on if an issue arises. I promise having a breeder be there for life is worth it's weight in gold and having one that has the knowledge to fix most ailments can save you thousands of dollars.


Mile High Bordoodles sometimes offers training for two puppies per litter, or if two females have litters close together than for two puppies out of those two litters. Each litter will list if training is available and will list current openings. Training takes place with Laura in Castle Rock Colorado for $1700.00, which is in addition to the cost of the puppy and pick up will be in Castle Rock Colorado. Mile High Bordoodles will deliver your puppy to Castle Rock for training. Puppy will be living in the home environment and not kenneled all day as a normal training facility or kennel does. So puppy gets to learn how to live in a home, with a family, with two other dogs, and two children. Laura is a dog whisperer and absolutely fantastic at communicating with puppy and calmly teaching puppy the way, and how to achieve new goals. Puppy will learn to sleep in the crate at night, go potty outside, wear a collar, off leash training, walking on a leash by your side and sitting when stopping. Also to sit, stairs, car rides, and sitting in place in the car. This is a beginning for your puppy and of course will have to be implemented at home with you afterwords but they are pretty good to go with all of these by the time the ten day training period is up. Laura is fantastic about communicating with families during and after training and answering any questions. Beyond that Laura and her children absolutely love and adore these puppies, just as much as they are loved and adored here at Mile High, and they are also genuinely sad when they go home. I brought Laura into Mile High Bordoodles with a training oppurtunity because she is just like me and continues loving these puppies just as much as we do. Besides being phenomenal at dog communication Laura has a genlte hand and adores each puppy as if it is her own. If you need the extra starting for your puppy I highly recommend training. Sample training videos below:

Dog Adoption Information

Every once in a while Mile High Bordoodles will have adult dogs from our breeding program available for adoption, or a rare occurrence of one of our pups needing to find new placement. All breeding dogs in our program are our pets, have been raised in our home with us. Our requirement for their new home is pretty strict. They will be placed with families they are ideal for, this will be their forever home and screening will proceed as such. New home placement is with families that do not have other pets or small children, this is to ensure there are no complications. It is a very hard process on our family to let them go and we ask that you please respect this and understand our emotions will be high seeing them leave. This placement is for the benefit of our beloved breeders, as we feel it is selfish of us to keep them for our own happiness when they can have the opportunity to go into a home that will give them more one on one time, take them out for fun and just give them a ton of quality time and love for the rest of their days. As a breeder with multiple dogs our time has to be divided and we know re-homing the retired breeders gives them a chance to be well spoiled in their forever home. Please see below for available adults, the description of the adult and please email or call me if interested in proceeding with an adoption. Visitation of the dog is a must up here in Livermore Colorado, before an adoption can take place, to see how they do with the prospective family.  In preparation for the possibility of having one of our Bordoodle's needing to find a new home, we will either help the family from their location, or Mile High will take our puppy back and work on finding placement from our location. Pricing for retirees and re-homing will vary with age and training.