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Bordoodles are the best puppies!!!!!

Raz Sammy and Charley Bordoodle Puppy
Raz grown up, F2b Bordoodle Puppy in Colorado

Sammy/Charley Litter Standard F2b testimonial: Hi Connie! I hope this email finds you well. I'm sending it in total bragging fashion. Raz (picture left as pup and right as teen) is such an awesome puppy. I can't believe he's only 11 1/2 wees old. He already knows sit down, paw, roll over, come, he knows his name, he rings a bell to go outside to the bathroom, walks on a loose leash and just started puppy obedience class last week. I have also started the early stages of agility training. He runs through a tunnel and a collapsed tunnel and jumps through a very low tire jump. I am shamefully proud of him. He has been the easiest dog to train! He really is fantastic. I think I finally got my therapy dog. I started the application process for the therapy dog program this weekend. I'll let you know how everything goes. Thanks again for a great puppy! Have a great one! Carm  

Sammy/Charley Litter Standard F2b testimonial: Hi Connie, Here are a couple of pictures of Archer (Right grown up and left as pup). He was Orange boy. I've attached a video I did with him when he was with us for 3 days. (video on Bordoodle Puppies Facebook page) I have other videos of him ringing bells to go out, cleaning up, and picking up toys by name. Let me know if you would like any. He's been wonderful, knows his bedtime, great with kids, walks very well off leash, loves dogs and people. He's really been a joy. For future owners he shed a bit when he was younger, but now that he's six months he's very low shed! So not to worry, also I've been giving him fish oil and he gets so many compliments on his coat now. Congrats on the next litter! Best, Julia    

Ollie and F2b Bordoodle puppy from Mile High Bordoodles
  • Sammy/Charley Litter Standard F2b testimonial: (Ollie 3 months old) Hey Connie, How are you? Just wanting to share an update on Ollie: 1. He's huge, weighing 26 pounds now at under 13 weeks. Based on the anecdote we've heard "half at 4 months", we think he's going to be above 50. 2. He's super smart. Fully housebroken at our house, and now he's coming to my office during the day and hasn't had an accident. He has quickly picked up sit, shake, down, stay, leave it, drop it, come, paws up, and fetch. 3. He's great with everyone and all the other dogs he meets. He's hard to go anywhere with because so many people want to pet him.   
Astro F2b Bordoodle puppy from Mile High Bordoodles
  • Sammy/Charley Litter Standard F2b testimonial: (Astro 3 months old) Hello Connie, Megan has named our puppy 'Astro'. We wish to thank you for the care you have taken in breeding Bordoodles. Sending F2b puppies out into the world is a very responsible way to breed. I have a minor in Genetics. He sleeps through the night in a crate beside our bed. We, now, have lights out at 9:45pm and rising at 5:55am, he is fine with this, though there is some whining for 2 to 4 minutes on occasion at bedtime. We found the bison formula you suggested at TSC. He eats 5 minutes twice a day. As I measure and prepare his food with a half cup of warm water, he watches calmly and then follows me to his food/water mat in the dining room to eat. We have a vet clinic a few blocks from our home, I will walk him to his next appointment. He can get excited and a bit mouthy, we are successfully controlling actual biting behavior. We have had snow on the ground since he came home with me, though it is now melting away. The snow was delightful for him to play in, pounce on and dig in. He has had every type of outside plant and twig in his mouth as he discovers this world. Many thanks, Jack & Megan